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When I come home
don't put the best robe on me
Or kill the fattened calf
For in my heart
I have never left you
JNU, 2008

Natalie Grant: that's when i'll give up

That's when I'll give up (on loving you) Natalie Grant (Album: Deeper life) Other Albums :ØNatalie Grant (1999)ØStronger (2001)ØAwaken (2005)ØBelieve (2005)ØRelentless (2008)GMA Dove Awards Ø2006: Female Vocalist of the YearØ2007: Female Vocalist of the YearØ2008: Female Vocalist of the Year

Is this all?

Is the best of me gone?
Have I skipped my years of youth
Or is this it? 
Is this all?
JNU, 2008

Spelling mistakes, cliches, terror english, etc

This is not a collection of naughty pictures/posters. But as you can see, spelling mistakes can be quite serious :-) E.g. the angel's herald can beat the Christmas spirit out of any mortal ! But see, even the US people make mistake and English is not our mother tongue :-) We have people saying 'childrens', 'womens', etc. so even in our speech, we misspell. Frankly I was for a long time, confused between 'its' and 'it's'; is it 'priviledge' or 'privilege' because it is 'knowledge' and not 'knowlege'? I was unsure of the spelling of 'which' after having used it for several years. On a different thing........ We seem to have a niche for cliches, but I wonder if that is passe :-) 'On this auspicious occasion... at the very outset' goes the Naga politician. Also if the people from NorthEast India are not careful, we can land up in a position like the guy in the pictu…

Crazy Idea

Letter to the editor, Morung Express, on Trauma Center at Pfutsero


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