Monday, November 24, 2008



When I come home  
don't put the best robe on me  
Or kill the fattened calf  
For in my heart
I have never left you
  JNU, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

Natalie Grant: that's when i'll give up

That's when I'll give up (on loving you) Natalie Grant (Album: Deeper life) Other Albums :

Ø Natalie Grant (1999)

Ø Stronger (2001)

Ø Awaken (2005)

Ø Believe (2005)

Ø Relentless (2008)

GMA Dove Awards

Ø 2006: Female Vocalist of the Year

Ø 2007: Female Vocalist of the Year

Ø 2008: Female Vocalist of the Year

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Is this all?

Is the best of me gone?  
Have I skipped my years of youth  
Or is this it? 
Is this all?  
JNU, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

Spelling mistakes, cliches, terror english, etc

This is not a collection of naughty pictures/posters. But as you can see, spelling mistakes can be quite serious :-) E.g. the angel's herald can beat the Christmas spirit out of any mortal ! But see, even the US people make mistake and English is not our mother tongue :-) We have people saying 'childrens', 'womens', etc. so even in our speech, we misspell. Frankly I was for a long time, confused between 'its' and 'it's'; is it 'priviledge' or 'privilege' because it is 'knowledge' and not 'knowlege'? I was unsure of the spelling of 'which' after having used it for several years. On a different thing........ We seem to have a niche for cliches, but I wonder if that is passe :-) 'On this auspicious occasion... at the very outset' goes the Naga politician. Also if the people from NorthEast India are not careful, we can land up in a position like the guy in the picture. Many of us, like, like, you know, no, no, speak like this, like that, no, no.... At the post match interviews, cricketers love to say, 'incredible, yes absolutely', let's not be harsh on them anyway. Churches are not spared. If you hear a praise and worship leader overuse the word 'awesome', I now know where that came from: Hillsong Music Australia. Let me end here with some terror english. But again let's not be harsh on these people. Some are fabricated. PT teacher in a school:

There is no wind in the football

The girl with the mirror (spectacles) please come here

I talk, he talk, why u middle middle talk

You rotate the ground 4 times

You go and understand the tree

All 3 of you stand in a straight circle

Open the window and let the atmosphere enter in

Sign boards at a road construction site:

Life can take many shocks, but electric shock can take your life

Don’t depended luck, depended safety

Zero accident our goal, safety in total control

Work safely the while, go home with a smile

Don’t take for shortcut

Luck saves ones, safety saves always

Small sector or large sector, safety is the Prime factor

Quality is no accident

Life is rare, live with care

Accident brings tears safety brings cheers

(If you have interesting ones, please share...........................................)

JNU, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Crazy Idea

Letter to the editor, Morung Express, on Trauma Center at Pfutsero
It appeared in your paper today that a trauma center has been inaugurated at Pfutsero. It’s a matter of pride for the people of Pfutsero, being one of the only two places in Nagaland, to have such a center. But I want to put up my reasons for reservation to celebrate though I am from Pfutsero. Sir, AIIMS, the premiere institute of the country had a trauma center just last year after waiting for 22 years. So I wonder if we are in the position to have one and doubt if we understand what a trauma center is.

At Pfutsero, we have a Community Health Center (CHC) which is no better than a Primary Health Center. A CHC is supposed to have specialists in surgery, medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, and pediatrics with X-ray and laboratory facilities. We are way, way behind to achieving that. And even if we have half the required standard, the CHC should be fairly OK in handling trauma considering present situation. How many vehicular accidents do we have? Or how many people cut their hands in the jungle or fall from stairs compared to those who have cough and fever, diarrhea, diabetes, malaria, TB, Typhoid, hypertension etc. How can a trauma center give better care to these traumas that the CHC can’t? Is the CHC overburdened that such a center is required? There’s no Naga Neurosurgeon yet. And how is a trauma center different from a general hospital without a Neurosurgeon? (Again how is a Neurosurgeon better than a general surgeon without CT scan, MRI, and an operational OT?). Telemedicine is almost useless in traumas which usually require emergency care. I have worked in Neurosurgery and Orthopedics which take care of traumas. Trauma patients are tossed between trauma center and general hospitals because they require multi-specialty care. It is a crazy idea to have a trauma center (be it Level IV or III) without a pre-existing functional general hospital.