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A book

I've been thinking that I will write a book one day. After I reach 45. But if things go as planned, there will be a book published this winter.
I should have given it more time. It needs more editing. But how much editing? If I have to keep on editing, it will go on and on. There is no end to editing. So, I have handed over the manuscript to the publishers (Heritage Publishing House, Dimapur). Now, it is at their mercy.
Dr. Wati Aier has been very kind to write the foreword. He was very generous.Will the chapters be able to live up to the foreword :-)
I don't know how people will receive it. Some will agree, some will disagree with me. That is something we have to live with. We should be firm but not stubborn. It must be a wonderful feeling to hold your own book with your own hands. But better still will be, when a stranger meets you and says, 'your book spoke to me', or 'you wrote what I have been thinking'.
There is no reward for guessing what the book is …


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