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To my family (November 11, 2004)

Three books, late 2013

I bought three books recently. Two from the internet, and one from attending the program where the book was launched. It is too early to write Review of the books as I have not read them completely, but this is only an introduction.
1. Indian Economy (For Civil Services Examinations) by Ramesh Singh.
This was recommended by a friend who is appearing Civil Services Examination. I have sounded to him my interested to learn some basic economics and he recommended this. I have just read a couple of Chapters. The language is very simple and the concepts are made easy to understand, good for someone who is not from Economics background. In an economy, there are certain 'public goods' or 'social goods' which should not be 'marketized'. These are Education, healthcare, sanitation, water, nutrition, etc. Another interesting concept is that the Indian Economy jumped from Agrarian Economy to Service Economy, skipping the stage of Industrial Economy which was experienced…

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