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We need to preach people out of the church

We need to preach people out of the church.
 Yes, we need to preach them out of the church. 
Why? Isn’t the church for all people including sinners and broken people?
Yes it is.
Then why should we preach people out of the church?
Because people have become too comfortable in the church! The worst of crooks have become so at home in the church, and it seems to be OK. It is not OK. If the church welcomes and accommodates sin in the church and ends there without speaking against it or trying to transform sinners, we have got it utterly and terribly wrong. 
We need no more flattery or false sense of well being. We need to hear in the church words which speak right to our sin and make us turn in our seats. We want to become uncomfortable, as if the church furniture is so bad. We want the words to prick our bottoms, heart, conscience, and soul so that we cannot just continue to go on without doing something about it.
We need to make it clear that no one can buy his way into the Kingd…

Obsession of being on time

I am at the passport office Dimapur and came here too soon. The gate is still closed and I am parked outside waiting. I realized that I have this window period to blog.

Arriving early has been a problem for me. I do get late when there are external factors like unusually heavy traffic, or waiting for other people. But in a given normal circumstance, I am usually ahead of schedule. I think I learned this from my aunty who is a little extreme in this front.
In Pfutsero, when we were going to travel by bus or taxi, she would get up so early, prepare tea, and wake up everyone. We would go to the station with a torch light and wait there in the middle of the town, with no sign of life. Then some people will start coming.

The habit had set in so that when I am going to travel early the next day, I couldn’t sleep fearing that I might miss the bus/taxi.

So, today have appointment at passport seva kandra at 9:15 am. I set my alarm at 5: 00 am and started from Kohima at 5:30 am, fearing if I w…

Celebrate others’ success

'I planted the seed, Apollos watered it…'

There are people who cannot stand the success of other people. Some have the mentality ‘If I cannot have it, I won’t let him have it either’. More subtly people spread lies or burn inside.

But can’t we celebrate when other people succeed? Without religion, people may do it when they realize that there is space for everyone. If we do not focus on others but do our own thing, we also can do well.

But having the mind of Christ is where we find that we can truly rejoice when other people succeed. If we planted the seed but do not get to enjoy the fruit and someone else do, the part that we played in planting the seed has immense value in the Kingdom of God. If someone succeeds at something good, it glorifies God, and it doesn’t matter if we were not a part of the success. We can join in the celebration.

Blogging again



My fascination for bougainvillea is as old as my marriage, which is nearly 2 years old. I was able to make my wife fall for it too and we have been collecting as many varieties/colors as we can. This specimen is one of the prettiest, that it has multiple colours in one plant.

What we have come to understand about growing Bougainvillea is that it is easy to propagate (cuttings around June), low maintenance, loves sun, cannot tolerate freezing temperature, and doesn't like wet feet.

It can be grown in the ground or in pots, and is suitable for Bonsai. It can be grown for fencings, hung from pots in balconies, or as arch for gates.

Intellectuals arise

Thinking beyond a ‘stable government job’


A brief recap of the year 2015


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