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Writing at the speed of thought

What do you do when you want to write but you have nothing to write? What do you do when you want to write something thoughtful but you can’t think of anything? This is what you can do: You start to write that you want to write but you can’t think of anything to write. And so you keep on writing whatever comes to mind although they may not be making much sense. You don’t pause to think, but you just keep on typing away. No. You don’t stop to think. You just let your fingers roll over the keyboard. Now. What do you have? You already have a paragraph. Wonderful. Now, you press Enter and start the next paragraph.
Ok. A new paragraph and nothing yet to write about. Ok. How did you spend your day today? I went to hospital to look after a sick relative who was operated yesterday. Ok. I’m into something. I don’t know if this relative of mine should be called ‘cousin’. I’m really bad at this. I don’t know who to call a cousin, a nephew, a niece. I even get confused about uncles and aunties. …

Isn't it sad

Isn't it sad
To have something worth dying for
Which you know you will never have


I will let you be you Because I can't be what I am not

After I die


A personal tour through Nagaland

Today, 10th July 2013, is a special day for me. I came back from Peren this evening. That completes the tour to all the district headquarters of Nagaland. In January 2013, I managed to step foot in all the 11 districts but only today could I visit the HQ of Peren district. Let me quickly run through each of the districts through the lens of camera.
Photo 1: Kiphire district, Pungro subdivision in particular is close to my heart. After my studies from Delhi, I decided to work in the Eastern side of Nagaland and landed in Pungro Community Health Centre. This was where I learned lessons in life that I could not find in books. It taught me first hand about the realities of rural Naga life. I enjoyed the trips to villages where I spoke in the church on health awareness. My first trip to Thanamir village will always be warm in my heart even if I were to live for a thousand years. After the treacherous, yet memorable journey, we climbed the 2nd Saramati the same day. This picture was taken…


Come up with me
To the top of Tsazu
Come, sit still by me
And listen to the wind

Let it blow against your face
Let it blow away your pain


Romance A Danger A Possibility


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