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Textbookish love

I'm sorry
If I am as boring as
an academic textbook

This I promise
That I'll never fail you
and will be with you
through every semester of life

On the language issue in the Chakhesang churches

For Chakhesang Baptist Church Kohima, Annual Youth Magazine.

The language issue among the Chakhesangs is often called as ‘Chokri-Khezha issue’. But the Chakhesang community is composed of more dialects than Chokri and Kuzhale. So, even as the issue is spoken of in terms of the two major groups, the matter pertains to all the language groups of the Chakhesang community. Some people are of the opinion that the issue is not simply the difference in tongue, but have social and political ramifications and will have far reaching consequences for all Chakhesangs, including the future of the existence of the tribe itself. A Poumai and a Mao friend said that we are heading the same road. The Poumai-Mao tribe separation started from the church. Then election campaigns were played in such lines and so on, leading to ultimate separation.

I am not informed enough to speak on what’s going on at present or predict the consequences. But as a concerned Chakhesang Christian, I want to spell out some thou…

A very important source of learning


Oops she did it again!



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