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Social obligations and professionalism

Current Nagaland healthcare budget status

This newspaper carried a news article last month saying that Nagaland State figures among the highest per capita health expenditure by the government. That was surprising when one considers the amount of resources which are actually available for service delivery. Therefore, it is important to do some analysis so that we can arrive at some sense of the prevailing reality of the health budget.
For the financial year 2015-16, there was slashing of the union health budget by 15%. The Lancet reported that as many as 15 national health programs were put under the National Health Mission umbrella during the year without allocation of even a rupee. The main reason for the cut was said be the rising fiscal deficit. Another justification given was that the States were allocated more shares in central taxes (from 32% to 42%). It was expected that the State will use its discretion and invest this money on healthcare. The ball for increasing health budget was thrown into the State’s court.

World Diabetes Day, 2015

Cancer burden in Nagaland

Acting holy, holy

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