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Guitar piece (finger practice actually)

Three things Delhi can learn from me

There are three simple things that Delhi can learn from me: I do not throw paper cups anywhere. If there is no dustbin nearby, I put them in my bag and properly dispose them laterIf I meet friends in a busy place, I do not stand in the middle and talk, blocking the whole traffic/footpath/corridor etc. I have 'sorry' and 'thank you' in my vocabulary.No offence meant

Denis Alexander

A strand of hair fallen on his shoulder caught my attention as he sat in front of my row. The person I’m referring to is none other than ‘the’ Dr. Denis Alexander, director of Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, Cambridge. That was when this silly thought came to me. I imagined myself picking up the hair and putting it in a poly bag like a forensic expert taking specimen. However, not to do any test with it, but like a cricket fan who just had an autograph of Sachin Tendulkar, to put it in a frame and show it off to friends and generations to come. It will be a proof that I met Denis Alexander and sat for his lecture. But that would be a silly thing to do. (Sweet nothing from the recently concluded short course on Science and Christian Faith. For downloading mp3 lectures, videos, photos etc, go to breaking barriers website.

Pic tales2

Traditional footpath Rabbits. The mother plucks its own fur to warm the newborn. The mother would abandon her babies if fur from another mother is put here Christmas meat: After it was believed that smoked meat causes throat cancer, smoking of meat over the fireplace is very much reduced. Instead, people dry meat in the sun as this Mesulumi Youth Society Lock up :-) Each plank with the bull horns are carved out from the same tree

Pic tales1

Traditional water pond, now converted into a modern one under NREGA. The old one was said to be spooky, and where during Siikriinyi, the men folk go early in the morning for ceremonial bath Local tea: Grinding of leaves in progress. After this, it is dried in the sun. Good that we are becoming self reliant in this, but it still doesn’t taste as good as Assam tea Thin snow over our house. Vepiilii commented, “Who dropped salt bags up there?” You have to know vepiilii to get the real punch of the joke The oldest TV set in our village, still in working condition The Pumpkins are a blessing from a misfortune. Some miscreants burnt up a huge pile of wood that mom and dad collected at Dachokiilii. The ashes were used to grow pumpkins which became so good, they were distributed to Kohima and Pfutsero here as you can see


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