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Addicted to the Self

Humans love company of other humans and facebook provides a meeting place for peoples even if separated by distance. In that sense, facebook is a good thing. But I am getting fed up of nonsense comments, cheap debates, shallow quotes, oh-notice-me pictures, the-more-twisted-the-better videos, and self-obsessed status updates that flood the site. Everyone seems to be doing all sorts of things to get noticed and to be celebrated. To feel wanted and loved is natural but to be over-obsessed, yes, even addicted to oneself is a sickness. Attention-mongers we are. We all want to be stars. If other people don’t notice us, we feel like we have ceased to exist.
I am no celebrity fanatic and correct me if I am wrong. I think Lindsay Lohan was famous, so she became spoilt, while it’s the other way round for Paris Hilton. Paris became famous not by virtue of any talent but simply because she was spoilt. Either way, to be a spoilt brat has even become a desirable thing; or the more spoilt one become…

Folks, let's talk money


Dietery Habit of Nagas


The Best Medicines in Nagaland

Amway products are by far the most popular medicine brands in Nagaland. There are certain tonics which they claim can make a person younger than his/her age, and they have some particular medicine which can cure all diseases. The preparations come at handsome prices of Rs. 499, Rs. 999, and so on.


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