Thursday, March 19, 2009

How forgettable

I loved a girl from whose memory I kept slipping 
How forgettable was I 
Help me to remind myself that you are gone 
Help me to give up hope of ever having you 
Help me to live with it 
That you are not in love with me 
Teach my heart to understand the situation 
Teach my heart to stop believing in dreams 
Teach me to live with it 
That you are not in love with me 
Show me no signal of false hope 
Show me convincingly that you are done with me 
....................................... ..........................................

Wedding meat


Christmas outing 2008


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm out

I'm out 
Don't count on me 
I'm not some standby 
Flicker, swing 
I better out of here

Monday, March 9, 2009

Be of good cheer

I have been critical and cynical of many things. I have been hard on people I don't agree with. In my writings you might have noticed that I have been quite negative many times.

I'm happy that I have been going through an important phase in my life. I have been slowly learning to appreciate the imperfections in others as I see (or have been shown :)) my own more clearly. Criticism has a place but too much of it builds up nobody. Cynicism has no place at all. This season God's love has been disciplining me through some tough moments. I have been rebuked, put to shame, exposed of my pride. At first, I felt numb like I banged my head on a steel post on a cold winter morning. I started to bleed, then the pain came. I was hurt for days and I prayed for help because it was destroying me. God helped me to see good things out of it. I have learnt my lesson. But as if that wasn't enough, after some days my over self-confidence and righteousness was unveiled in public again.

I'm still learning and I'm thankful that God loves me and He's been working ON me. We need not carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. Though the world is filled with evil of every kind; and human beings are more difficult than puppies to go along with, He says, 'Be of good cheer, for I have overcome....' Even our limitations? Ah yes.

Church Hunting

The title does not say much about what I'm going to say but to first clear the air that it is not about church hunting, I've titled it as church hunting because you may think it is church hunting.

Fot the last few sundays, I've travelled around Delhi visiting different fellowships/churches. I wasn't looking for a perfect church (no such church exists) nor one that will suit me. I wanted to see how different churches worship differently. Though we worship the same God, it's interesting to see how the styles of worship differ so much.

I can't make any generalisations or comment with certainty from such short visits. My presumptions will also colour the way I look at them.

But I think it's safe to say that there are places where people worship in ways very different from ours but we see and sense an unmistakable oneness in Christ. A few others make you squirm on your seats. Two areas where we should seriously consider are: (1) Reducing the gospel/church to a sort of therapy/social club and (2) Money.

Having said that, what I did is not advisable in the long run; to hop from one fellowship to the other without being accountable to anyone. That makes it important to choose a fellowship and stick to it. What are you looking for in a church? What does the Bible say a church should be like? How can I contribute/play my part? etc.