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A visit to Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary

I visited Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary last Saturday after attending one training at CMC Vellore. If you want to know about the bird sanctuary, search in Google and you’ll get more information than the ‘Vedanthangalites’. There are photos in Google Image and videos in Youtube too. But nothing can compare to the experience of actually visiting the place. 
So, why I write here is not to give information about the place. As I tried to write this piece yesterday, I kept going to Wikipedia to see what the distance from Chennai is, when it was declared a sanctuary, and so on. But I thought again. If people need such information, they can use Google. So, while I may make use of such background information which may enhance the experience, I will write my story. That’s the beauty of writing. Whatever you write, you need not worry if someone has already written a book on it. No one will write it like you do.
Three days before my visit, I didn’t know that a place called Vedanthangal exists. Duri…

Write, write, and write if you want to be a writer

OK. I have been keeping aside writing for a while. Good or bad, I now plan to keep this blog running. I say I love writing and think about it constantly; even read about it. But to become a writer, there’s no way to become one but to write.
What has been keeping me from writing? First and not the most important, is work. Due to the Scrub Typhus outbreak in Nagaland, I have been very busy: travelling, reading about it, compiling data and analyzing it, and so on. Right now also I’m busy attending a training course in Vellore. But that is not to say that I don’t get time to write.
Another reason and a more important one is laziness mixed with restlessness. To write requires a calm mind and a lazy mindstrangelyis seldom calm.
Also why I put off writing is because I always try to write masterpieces, not that I have ever written one. I want my writings to be very good which many times keep me from starting. I think this shouldn’t be. 
To keep a writing project on hold in the middle can be q…

Jessica Andrews - Everything

Been listening to her songs over and over these days


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