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Someone’s music, someone else’s noise

It is said that what one considers to be good music can be just noise to someone else. I cannot appreciate traditional folk songs even if they are of my own tribe. Typically a verse has 2 lines and the music is repeated throughout the song. There can be several verses but the tune is the same and each verse is repeated over and over before going to the next. So, even if the first verse sounds pleasing, one can get irritated due to over-repetition. There is no chorus, no variation, and usually the lyrics of the last verse go, “Our song is over, our song is over”. I also cannot understand why female playback singers of Bollywood have to shrill out songs. Homecoming music videos at times look like staged (faked) spirituality. However, I’m gradually learning to appreciate and respect music types which do not delight my musical taste buds. One significance of traditional folk songs that I was told by my Aunty goes like this: It’s from a story. There was once a man who realized that he has…

Church offering

Yesterday in the church, I took out my wallet as the ushers came for the offering. I selected a Rs. 10 note but as I was pulling it out, a Rs. 100 note was trying its best to come out......But I pushed it back in, "you are too big for this".

Never tired of love

For a thousand years We've been singing about love 
If it were on another theme  Would have we endured?  Much less, enjoyed?  --x--x--  Why does the heart hurt  When we are unloved?  Why can't we just ignore it And move on?  What's there in being loved?  --xx--  It's a sad thing That lost loves become branded as Infatuations  When it was love after all!

First ride

Dad and I boarded a line bus from BOC, Kohima. We did not get seats, so we held on to the posts as we swayed with the winding road. That was how we reached Mao gate. I was on my maiden journey to Imphal: to become a doctor! Again we did not get proper seats in another line bus from Mao to Imphal. We squeezed in the driver’s cabin. There was a Manipuri boy who was roughly trying to push me off my seat. We stared at each other and I showed him my fist asking if he wants to have it. Nothing happened and we reached Imphal without a punch being thrown. We searched for Keduwe, my dad’s ex-student. He received u sand took us shopping where I bought my ragging shoes and shirts. Kohima to Imphal, July 2000

A conversation with Mang

Once I was telling our music secretary Mr. Mang about my past experiences as a song leader of the Imphal-ICEU. I told him that there were times when I did OK and also times when I had flopped big time. He instantly pointed out that if it was done for God’s glory, there is nothing as ‘flop’.  He was right. As we have come to the end of our session in the EU committee, we may look back and see that we could have done better. We tend to regret at the end when nothing can be changed anymore. Failures are reminders that we are human beings. Also they equip us to do better in the future. RIMS, Imphal

The best part

The best part of love is
Just before its beginning


These days Everyone seems to have some history 
And I'm looking for someone without history :-)

When you write me a song

When you write me a song
Don’t explain everything
For if you’ve said it all
What’s left for the Imagination?

Lanyi River

You lucky fellows You who are bound for Meluri
That you get to cross the Lanyi River
Poor us who are Pfutsero bound
That after having come so close
We have to turn away again
Without having the Lanyi River
Flow underneath our feet

Tiisozho omakiirii


After the feeling is gone

After the feeling is gone 
Help me to stand 
After the laughter is gone 
Help me to still rejoice 
After the strength is gone 
Help me to hold on to you 
What is it to praise you in good times? 
What is it to give in times of abundance? 
What is it to love those who love you? 
But Lord, help me to do the unnatural

Renewal (More depth, more power)


Pfutsero Kühü


Let this love happen

I barely know you
You barely know me
We aren’t properly introduced
But I want to know you
And let you know me
Heaven only knows what’ll happen
I need all the help
God, Send legions of angels
Provide the right circumstances
Let all universe stand still
For this love must happen God,
Let this love happen


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