Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A very Killing Killer Story

Today is the most boring day, so let me tell you a story which kills. I have not thought of it yet, but let me invent here and now. There was once a boy named AK47 who was super-multi-talented. He makes people doubt if God is indeed just. He does things with ease and speed. Teach him anything new and he will pick it up and beat you in your own game. He disappoints students, sportspersons and musicians who labour hard to make it because all these skills come naturally to him. So, friends who were jealous of his talents kidnapped him one day and ripped off his intestines. No, no; that is not how the story goes. No wonder his friends were jealous of his giftedness (something like Salieri and Mozart in the movie Amadeus) but they did not kill him. Let’s let him kill himself. Let’s say, like all people, AK47 has his weakness. His Achilles Heel was the result of his being gifted: He became proud and lazy. Booh! Boring story. Now we know where the story is heading; the plot is predictable. Hold on a sec. Let’s say, like his giftedness, he became an expert in being lazy, in fact he became the laziest person in the world. This has a positive side. His one weakness i.e. his laziness took care of his other weakness, i.e. his pride. He became too lazy to show any pride. To over-repeat myself, AK47 became too lazy to be proud. His laziness killed him eventually as we are all aware that eating and drinking require some effort, e.g. lifting of food to the mouth. Now, you may want to kill yourself for wasting your time reading this story. But didn’t I warn you in the beginning?

Pungro, 2010

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Very Crazy Nutcase Story

There was a mad person who was very wise in his own eyes. People simply tolerate him out of pity while he lectures about anything and everything. He carries a briefcase as he roam in the village acting like an educated person carrying some important papers. He talks about all the VIPs he brushed shoulders with and the degrees that he received in the college while he was in Kohima. He said he has the certificates in his briefcase. People did not bother to check what he was carrying; in fact they knew he has never been out of the village.

This went on until the man started to terrorize the kids in the village primary school with his wisdom. It got worse when he demanded to preach in the church on Sunday mornings thereby, disrupting the worship services. The villagers have had enough; so, they had a meeting and decided to stop him from giving unsolicited lectures. But how? One Gaon Bura (GB) proposed that the man be locked up. However, since the man has no family, who will feed him? Besides, except for his love for lecturing, he was not a troublemaker. Many other propositions were brought forth but there was no common consensus. Finally the school master came up with a brilliant plan. He proposed that the Village Education Committee (VEC) call for an inquiry and verification of the mad man’s credentials to see if he is qualified to teach. He explained that the man always refers to his college qualification and certificates as proof contained in his briefcase; that this gives him the moral duty to teach the simple village folks. Once it is exposed to all that he doesn’t have the required degree, he will stop lecturing. This sounded good to all. Some at first worried that this exposé may damage the self esteem of the man, but it was something which had to be done.

So, the VEC fixed a day for the public hearing of the man’s credentials at the Village Square. On the appointed day, the villagers did not go to the paddy fields, the school was closed, and everyone was gathered at the Square. The man came, grabbing the briefcase close to his chest. As usual, he claimed to have been to college while he was in Kohima and he has the degree certificates in his case. This time, the villagers all shouted in unison, “Show us”. He refused to part with his case pressed to his chest with both hands. The Village Guard (VG) stepped forward and demanded it to be handed over to him. Seeing that all eyes were pierced on his, the man meekly surrendered the case. The VG slowly opened it for all to see. What was there inside? True to the title of our story, it was a crazy guy with a case full of nuts. A very crazy nutcase story indeed.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Saramati Apple Festival

The first Saramati Apple Festival was held at Thanamir Village on September 29 with Dr N. Benjong Aier, Mission Director (TM-NE), Directorate of Horticulture, as the chief guest.

Apple Store
The Festival was organised by the Department of Horticulture in collaboration with the Nagaland Missions Movement (NMM) and Thanamir Village Council.
Sale. Sold Out within an hour
In his speech, the chief guest pointed out that the apples in Thanamir Village came as a gift of God, a gift that grew out of friendship between an Army personnel and J Yungbokhiung of Thanamir Village. He has urged for a partnership among the villagers, the NMM and the Horticulture Department to develop apple cultivation so that the present state of apples being used for personal consumption could be turned into a rich source of income for the villagers. The Department has already provided few thousand apple plants last year brought from Himachal Pradesh which are also doing very well. He emphasized on following the specifications as given by the Department based on scientific methods of cultivation like the importance of proper spacing, pruning and training, right cultivars, etc which are necessary for bearing quality fruits and to compete with those in the markets on commercial line.
Rev. Wati Longkumer
The villagers built a wooden bridge for the festival
He also expressed the need for improvement of road condition in the name of Apple Road coupled with Tourist Road as Thanamir is on the way to Mt. Saramati. He commented that market for the apples should not be a problem. He has also proposed Self Help Groups to be trained in making of apple juices and other preservation methods so that these items could be sold even at the State Hornbill Festival. “Not only will all these bring immense economic benefit to the villagers, it can also boost cross-border missionary work as the NMM is engaged in such a project at the village,” the chief guest said.
The chief guest also echoed the proposal of the Parliamentary Secretary (CAWD) to make Thanamir known as the “Apple Village.”
Short speeches were given by the SDO (Civil), Pungro, DHO, Kiphire and Thsantsumong.
Bridge Builders
The history of the first apple plants in Thanamir was narrated by Yungbokhiung, the man who planted the first plant in 1981. Rev. Wati Longkumer, Director of NMM spoke on the topic, “Count Yours Blessings.” Tangit Longkumer, NMM Missionary, posted at Thanamir announced that the Saramati Apple Festival will be an annual event.
Apples for sale on the day
The best apples on the day
After the program, apple exhibition-cum-sale was held followed by a training session on commercial cultivation of apple conducted by the Department in which about 150 farmers attended. Horticulture equipments, hybrid vegetable seeds were also distributed to the farmers. The festival was also attended by the SDO (Civil), Kiphire, and many government officials and village council chairmen from the neighbouring villages.