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Longleng trip Photos


When it comes to..........

When it comes to football,
With a little warm-up training, I can become like Lionel Messi

When it comes to f1 racing,
With a little driving practice, I can become like Fernando Alonso

When it comes to music,
With a little vocal lesson, I can become like Josh Groban

When it comes to preaching,
With a little help from above, I can become like Billy Graham

When it comes to acting,
With a little encouragement from the director, I can become like Morgan Freeman


When it comes to love,
With all the help in the universe, I will still be me

( finally, a love poem, after several years :)

Blog statistics

Here's a quick glimpse of this blog's statistics. Till this minute, there is a total of 27,876 page views. When it was started in May 2008, there were zero views. In March 2013, there were 2906 views. That's a huge improvement although some popular blogs may be having that number of hits on a daily basis.  Anyway, thank you for taking the time to visit. 
I'll be happy if a handful of people can be helped through this blog. That will be enough for me.

Rivers in Nagaland

1. Tizu-Zinki River. Tizu and and Zinki are two different rivers. As they join somewhere above this spot, it becomes, I think the biggest river in Nagaland flowing into the Chindwin in Myanmar. This was clicked during a health mela-cum-outing of the NRHM in 2012.
2. The Zinki river before it joins with the Tizu as shown above. This was clicked below the bridge leading to Pungro town. We were going on a monitoring tour of Kiphire district in 2011. 3. Tüsürü, if that is the right spelling. It is a tributary of the Tizu. This was clicked during an outing at Mütsale village in 2012 with commissioner and secretary, H&FW.


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