Rivers in Nagaland

1. Tizu-Zinki River. Tizu and and Zinki are two different rivers. As they join somewhere above this spot, it becomes, I think the biggest river in Nagaland flowing into the Chindwin in Myanmar. This was clicked during a health mela-cum-outing of the NRHM in 2012.

2. The Zinki river before it joins with the Tizu as shown above. This was clicked below the bridge leading to Pungro town. We were going on a monitoring tour of Kiphire district in 2011.
3. Tüsürü, if that is the right spelling. It is a tributary of the Tizu. This was clicked during an outing at Mütsale village in 2012 with commissioner and secretary, H&FW.

4. I'm yet to get the name of this river. It is near Tizit. It was clicked in 2013 while returning from Mon after a survey investigating the low child sex ratio in Chen circle.
5. Tapi River, Mon district. It was clicked while returning from Chen area after the survey to Mon town, as mentioned above. On the way, you get to cross the river twice as it flows like a snake down the beautiful valley below. On a moving vehicle, I couldn't get a good shot of it. 2013

6. Sidzü River. One starts at a small stream near Mao Gate while another starts from a lake at Pfutsero town. The two joins together to form the Sidzu. In its upper course dividing Phek and Kohima districts (Kikruma and Kidima villages), we call it Thikhapü. That is where our paddy field is. And this was shot there. A little below, it is called Zarü before it is called Sidzu where the highway crosses it between Pfutsero and Kohima. 2012

7. Likhimro river. This spot is where vehicles cross to reach Thanamir village, the last village bordering Myanmar. The hydro project is below this spot. It is a tributary of the Zinki. Fond memories are attached to this trip. It was my first trip to see Saramati Apple. August/September 2010

8. Dzu-u river. I was on the way to Khusomi village to preach on Mission Sunday, 2013. After crossing Rusoma, the road leads down to the river and up again to reach Kijumetouma.

9. Doyang River, a day before Polio Sunday in January 2013. I was on my way to Tuensang for Polio duty.

10. Dikhu river. While returning from Tuensang, instead of taking the main road, I took a shortcut from Chare and went down to this spot and came out at Mokokchung. 2013

Some still to upload, like the Dhansiri and the Chathe of Dimapur district, then Lanye of Phek district. And more to see.

It is incomplete to enjoy the view of a river without having to touch the waters.



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