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The problem of over-specialization

I worked in Hindu Rao Hospital, Delhi in Orthopedics department during 2007-08. In the hospital, there was a certain local arrangement: To lighten the burden of the Surgery department, Ortho doctors were asked to take up any case of injury which involves the limbs even if there is no suspect of any bone injury. So, the doctors in surgery department would try to take advantage of this arrangement. Sometimes, it becomes absurd, that they would dress up the wounds of an injured person but leave the limbs (yes, skin deep injuries) and refer them to our department.

Medical science is a very technical profession and it requires four and a half years of intensive study to graduate, and another 1 year of internship in order to practice. But I don’t know if it is the work load or the orientation of teaching, unfortunately beyond the biomedical model, doctors often know so little of human beings. We often claim to know all there is to humans as we slice and study each organ, tissue and cell of t…

I was sick, now I am poor: The impact of health care expenditure

For publishing in local dailies in Nagaland

What would have a Chakhesang Naga village farmer not done before deciding to sell off his paddy field to pay for his son’s medical bills? Left with nothing else, he did it; for who wouldn’t have done so if that can save the life of one’s only son? If a single showing is worth a thousand telling, the story of desperation written on his face was worth a thousand words. I met this man at Phek District Hospital as I was doing field work for my MPH dissertation. I was trying to study the health care delivery system of the district and I needed some interviews from patients availing the health services. This man had a son who was suffering from Tuberculosis of the brain and he had been admitted for months with no sign of recovery. The doctors and nurses were doing the best they could with the limited resources available; the family had given everything they had; and it wasn’t enough.

Studies have shown that among the factors which push households in…

Good Education

It is necessary to go to a university to get an education, but good education doesn’t necessarily come with a university degree.
Quote from no one :-)

Katie Melua - Better than a dream

I used to dream myself to somewhere else each night
I dreamed in colour,
‘cos I lived in black and white.
Until I chanced upon this road that led to you,
I couldn't see
How anything could be

.. Better than a dream
Stranger than my wild imagination
If this is a real sensation,
it's better than a dream.
Higher than the moon,
Hazy like a beautiful illusion.
Crazy and in confusion,
And better than a dream.

I used to wish I was beyond some distant door,
I knew there must be more to life
and now I'm sure.
No dreams of pirate caves,
or Indian braves, or magic carpets could
Ever be this good,


And better than a dream.


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