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We need to preach people out of the church

We need to preach people out of the church.
 Yes, we need to preach them out of the church. 
Why? Isn’t the church for all people including sinners and broken people?
Yes it is.
Then why should we preach people out of the church?
Because people have become too comfortable in the church! The worst of crooks have become so at home in the church, and it seems to be OK. It is not OK. If the church welcomes and accommodates sin in the church and ends there without speaking against it or trying to transform sinners, we have got it utterly and terribly wrong. 
We need no more flattery or false sense of well being. We need to hear in the church words which speak right to our sin and make us turn in our seats. We want to become uncomfortable, as if the church furniture is so bad. We want the words to prick our bottoms, heart, conscience, and soul so that we cannot just continue to go on without doing something about it.
We need to make it clear that no one can buy his way into the Kingd…


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