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One cold morning at Pfutsero


A loving brother

It took time for me to appreciate what a boy went through, working for days to build a toy for his younger brother. That's what a brother is for.
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'Always winter, but...'


Making Christmas Come Alive: The Message in Matthew’s Genealogy of Jesus

Quick glance backward

It has been a very, very busy year. I wanted December to be the month of PEACE AND QUIET. But it is turning out to be just the opposite. I woke up at 6:20 AM this morning and straight to work; after having slept at 2:00 AM. This post is a stolen moment.
Looking back, at the work front I think I have been able to do much this year and I'm satisfied. I changed job midyear and dived into the new one right on, getting all busy at once. I was a columnist for Eastern Mirror for some months. Though I don't have much savings, financially I'm able to help family during crucial moments - Siblings college/university admissions, besides their monthly expenses.
I've travelled to all the districts of Nagaland, except Tuensang. Supervision and monitoring plan for all medical directorate officers that I designed I hope will bear fruit. Now, all officers go to the districts every two months and bring back report. Through analysis of reports, I'll be able to understand the health s…

'I am the change*': Being Salt and Light


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