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One cold morning at Pfutsero

Woke up to a very cold morning today Careful!! Neighbour's car Frozen stream Frozen pond. Site of ice throwing competition The youngest competitor takes his turn as his dad looks on This guy wants to go for the big ones The judge and cameramen at the other end ...wanted to go for the biggest one, it broke and bled his foot 1st Runner up The winner proudly displaying his trophy Time to skate This is how you do it!! Meanwhile, on the other side of town, skating is on Pfutsero, 30th December, 2012

A loving brother

It took time for me to appreciate what a boy went through, working for days to build a toy for his younger brother. That's what a brother is for. (click on the photo to enlarge)

'Always winter, but...'

'Always winter but never Christmas ' Christmas for the year 2012 is gone. There will never be a Christmas 2012 in all eternity, said the speaker on Christmas morning. Was it worth the wait? Or is the real excitement of Christmas in the waiting? You waited and waited for Christmas and it came and it is gone. Is December 25 just a date? When you look back, what was special about it this year?  'Always winter but never Christmas', said Lewis. For you, is it, ‘Christmas comes and goes, and everything remains the same’? December 25 is gone. But Christmas is still here. It still waits for those who will search for it and find it for themselves. 

Making Christmas Come Alive: The Message in Matthew’s Genealogy of Jesus

Guest Post (By Samuel S. Vaiphei) Unfortunately we present-day Christians have contented ourselves with such a narrow understanding of the Gospel, often solely defined in terms of Going to Heaven or Christ Dying on the Cross for our Sins, that the real message or the bigger story narrated in the four Gospels of Matthew, Mark , Luke and John is missed! Just like every year, I am afraid that this year too we will once more gloss over or ignore altogether the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew 1:1-20. Undue emphasis is then placed on Matthew 1:21 where the angels announced to Joseph that he should name the child Jesus because he will rescue his people from their sins. This is often linked to Genesis 3:15. The apostle Matthew wouldn’t be pleased with us for not paying close attention to all that he had been trying to say in the preceding 20 verses (of Ch 1), and without which one is bound to get a defective understanding of verse 21. Moreover it is open knowledge that Matthew’s Gosp

Quick glance backward

It has been a very, very busy year. I wanted December to be the month of PEACE AND QUIET. But it is turning out to be just the opposite. I woke up at 6:20 AM this morning and straight to work; after having slept at 2:00 AM. This post is a stolen moment. Looking back, at the work front I think I have been able to do much this year and I'm satisfied. I changed job midyear and dived into the new one right on, getting all busy at once. I was a columnist for Eastern Mirror for some months. Though I don't have much savings, financially I'm able to help family during crucial moments - Siblings college/university admissions, besides their monthly expenses. I've travelled to all the districts of Nagaland, except Tuensang. Supervision and monitoring plan for all medical directorate officers that I designed I hope will bear fruit. Now, all officers go to the districts every two months and bring back report. Through analysis of reports, I'll be able to understand the h

'I am the change*': Being Salt and Light

Talk delivered at Annual Youth Day, Chakhesang Baptist Church Dimapur, 8th December, 2012 Introduction When you get just one chance to speak, the danger is that you want to say so many things at once and confuse your listeners, and so reduce your own chance to be invited again. I face that danger today added to the fact that I can’t speak well at any point of time. However, it’s a big privilege for me to be here. I thank the youth director for inviting me and all of you for coming. Chakhesangs have made their presence felt in Dimapur. There are our three professors in OTS and not the least: the sidekicks of Wolo Lasuh in this Church who are here today. The church members here at CBCD play a very crucial role to live as a ‘salt and light’; to be witnesses for Christ in this commercial capital which is a ‘city on a hill’ of Nagaland. When we look at our Naga society today, what do you first see? What catches your attention the most? What is the thing that concerns yo


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