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Tryst with airtel


Google: The end of memory?

Guest Editorial, Morung Express
There was a time when people would remember each other’s phone numbers and birthdays. Before that, there was a time when people would remember the date and all the tiny details of events. The Japanese invasion, British expedition, the Indian army operations, and all the important date in the Naga national movement are still fresh in the minds of old folks that leave the Google generation dumbfounded. Whole stories are in memory so that good old story tellers can narrate them like reading out a novel. But we have facebook to remind us of friends’ birthdays and we sometimes forget our own phone number. We look up to Google for any information under the sun. But nothing comes out from memory when the occasion demands. So, we keep our phones/laptops like they are an extension of our brains.
Ours is a generation which lives on sound bites. Twitter people cannot bear to sit through a long sermon. We hate narratives. We want our stories in bullet po…

Mobile and internet woes

Morung Express editorial
Have you ever heard on your phone, ‘Sorry for the inconvenience of our poor network, we are refunding the amount to your balance’? Absolutely never! You pay for every dropped call and lack of voice clarity. For phone calls which are received but you are not able to talk because of poor network, you pay each and every time. Even though the network is as bad as a Chinese radio station signal, the telecom providers’ ability to cut your balance is Mach 3 razor sharp. Sometimes, you don’t see any signal and your call didn’t go through, but somehow they manage to cut your balance.
When there is a drizzle, the 3G signals seem to be pulled down by the tiny water droplets. When there is heavy rain, even the 2G signals are flushed down the drains. But 4G advertisements are starting to come out. The commercials will get louder and louder until you are brainwashed to think that if you don’t get 4G, your life is i…

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