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A call to anger

This article was written for CBCC Youth Talent contest, Jan 2010, and magazine of Chakhesang Students Union, Patkai Christian College, Silver Jubilee celebration, February 2010

In a society where everyone is a Christian nobody knows what it means to be a Christian. Jacques Ellul I am glad to have a friend who left the prospect of a six figure job for a cause which our society will not easily understand. He chose a path of foolishness out of a deeper conviction. He didn’t chase after unpopularity, but it came to him as he violated the norms of our society’s aspirations. He turned his back on a lucrative career when he realized that the road he was taking was only leading him to sell off his brain to the highest bidder in the market. Ask IIM/IIT Christian students; how many of them have plans to use their knowledge to serve people in obedience to God? So many of them have dreams of earning lakhs per month, owning oversized cars and mansions, and marrying beauty queens or guys with inexh…


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