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A prayer for Nagaland

Young people have become very negative, our leaders in high places say. But the gospel of positive attitude which they preach is actually Blind Positivity. They want their followers to close their eyes and say that all is well. Having a positive attitude is admirable. But you look to your left, right, front, and back and what do you see? Does the evidence of the present situation foster an attitude of positivity? Our leaders think that they can scold you ng people to obedience. But kids have eyes and minds. The spirit of negativity is the making of the leaders who have failed us. Now, rather than old leaders blaming the young people for becoming so negative, it is time for the young people to tear down the towers of lies.  Government of India, don’t bail us out of our financial mess. Let the last remaining road turn from potholes to river-beds. Let the transformers burst to flames. Let the last bridge collapse and be washed away.  We pray for safety and food


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