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I am not ashamed of the church

We hear people say that our churches are full of hypocrites. I too agree. But it is the beauty of the church that hypocrites and all twisted people are still welcome. Our churches also have the best people that you will ever meet (for example, see last paragraph). They may not be as visible as celebrities, star performers or big church donors, but they are there amongst us. In a society which celebrates wealth, fame and looks; these ‘ordinary’ Christians live out their lives faithfully often away from the spotlight.
Some people say, ‘I love Jesus but I hate church’. And we have a good number of people professing to be Christians who don’t go to church. It is difficult to explain how a person can call herself a Christian and not go to church. If not in some extraordinary exceptions (say, you are shipwrecked and marooned in a desert island where there is no church), a Christian is by definition someone who goes to church; someone who belongs to the community of believers, i.e. the church…

Having an ‘Enough’ in life

This article is about buying 1 kg of pork even if you can afford 2 kgs. It is about settling for a Nokia C5 although you want a Nokia Lumia 800. But don’t get me wrong. It is not about being stingy or cheap. It is not about going for second class, say, settling for a look-alike poster rather than enjoying a real Van Gogh painting.
We live in an increasingly unequal world. You don’t have to go far to notice how unequal we are becoming. For instance, check your local church annual tithe report and see the income inequality between members. Thank God for those big givers who give in a month more than what some other families earn in a year. Thank God? Yes, for there are many rich people who are miserly at giving to the church. But still it leaves a very unpleasant feeling that one tenth of the monthly income of some people should be way higher than the entire annual income of some other families in the same church. The gap is increasing rapidly. The richest 20% of the world now earns 86…


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