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Katie Melua - If The Lights Go Out

In 'Nine Million Bicycles', Katie Melua sang that we are twelve billion light years from the edge. And she added, "that's a guess, no one can ever say it's true". A scientist responded saying that we actually know the distance from the edge. It's not a guess. He said it is 13.7 billion light years and not as Katie Melua sang. Of course, it's a song and 13.7 doesn't really fit into it. The song's an expression of love; about how deep and wide is her love for her lover. Katie Melua accepted the correction and a new version can be heard here She has a sense of humor and took it well.
In this song, 'If the Lights Go Out', there is a lot of apocalyptic overtone. In Nine Million Bicycles, it was the scientists, now here, what will the Theologians say?:-)))
"If The Lights Go Out"

They say the world must end somehow, They say the end's not far from now; I think they're wrong, Don't worry your life away, Start living for today, Do…

Are the Naga churches heading the Dinosaur way?

Morung ExpressMorung Express Editorial after some days
When we go out of church, we brush our teeth and live our economic, social and political lives. But while we are in it, these things are hardly talked about. How do we explain the churches’ silence on these matters? Is it because the Bible is silent on these things or have we become more spiritual than the Bible? Is God interested only in what we do on Sunday mornings? Does He care about what we do from Monday to Saturday? The sermons in our churches have become too abstract and airy that there are no connections with realities of our modern day living. Old folks tend to think that young people do not think deeply and are only after excitement and instant gratification. But I think many people are put off by our churches not for want of excitement but for lack of substance. That may be one factor why our churches are becoming increasingly unpopular among young people. 
We talk about a faith that is too personal and privatized that it…


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