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Anti-intellectual churches

I have come across so many times, in casual conversations and from the church pulpit, comments which take the use of the mind negatively. I am thinking of church people here. It is as if the use of the mind is solely to question God. Maybe it is viewed as lack of faith when one raises questions and discuss things. Should we simply believe in the heart and not think in the brain too much? Does the use of mind dishonor God? Is reasoning anti-faith?
When we use our minds, we honor God. God gave us brains not to confuse our hearts, but to use it for his glory. 'Great are the works of the LORD; they are pondered by all who delight in them' (Psalms. 111:2). 
We can never sort God out with our minds. But if we use our minds to explore, we will only appreciate and marvel at the works of his hands and the greatness of who our God is. 'How great are your works, LORD, how profound your thoughts!' (Psalms. 92: 5). God is not threatened by our search for knowledge and understanding…

I won’t bother to remember your birthday

Azhoni had his birthday some time back. Samuel will be having his in the coming month. I think they don’t remember mine and I don’t expect a phone call or an sms, forget about a Birthday present.  How did I know their birthdays? Azhoni came over to stay a night with me and he told me. He didn’t say it to let me know, ‘oh, my birthday passed recently and you didn’t even wish me’. It was for a very different reason. And I didn’t bother to ask him the date so that I can remember the next time. He told me of Samuel’s next month because his UPSC interview is said to be falling on his birthday. When the date arrives, I am going to ask about the interview, but I am not going to say nice things because of his birthday. 

We have discussed this before and we seem to share a similar view about birthdays. We just don’t bother about each other’s birthday. This doesn’t mean that we hate birthday parties. It seems Azhoni had a party arranged for him. And Samuel was there. But the point here is that we…


I’m not that angry anymore. But I was very angry. Angry at what I think is evil.
‘Oh, there is no such thing as absolute truth or absolute evil. It is a social construct. Everything is relative according to the context’. Such a view collapses when faced with the real face of evil, says Os Guinness. For example, when one meets with cases such as the horror of Auschwitz and cries ‘God damn it’; he/she means it. Evil is that repulsive. And the view of good or bad as a relative concept, or a social construct, crumbles. 
My parents told me that as they work in the village and set up projects, they face lots of difficulties. There are land boundary disputes, and people trying to grab what we have. There were instances when we have to buy the same plot of land twice. I’m not sure if my parents have claimed other people’s land. It is possible that either party can be confused at times about the boundary stones if the plot is in the think jungles. But I am sure that my parents won’t have clai…

The Chief Guest

Work in progress

I am not a finished product
I am a work in progress
But I hope you will stick with me
And we will grow together

Why be honest?

Why are we honest? Is it because of lack of chance to steal or the shame at being exposed? Who desires to be honest for the sake of virtue?
I have been let down several times. Those who I think have some sense of virtue would soon be blown open. And my faith in the goodness of humans would be shaken.
There is no sense of self restrain in someone infected with greed. And it manifests in spectacular fashion when faced with the opportunity to grab. Until then, rhetoric of honesty and integrity may fill the lips. It would have been better if acts of corruption were done without such sweet talk. A sinner who is aware of his sin and is quiet may be nearer to heaven’s gates. 
Is it the way things are and I must resign to its design? The system is corrupted to the core and it is beyond an individual’s decision. It is individuals who are corrupt but there is also a systemic brokenness that sucks innocents into it. 
It is a constant struggle of resistance. There is bound to be trembling of the knee…

Glory to God



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