The Chief Guest

Notown received the Government’s nod to construct a badminton stadium. The people of this sleepy town rejoiced as, finally, they were going to see some development activity. 
The construction work was given to the PS of the Parliamentary Secretary who was representing the assembly constituency of this area.

Through coughs and puffs, a badminton stadium finally took shape and filled the landscape of Notown. It became the most prominent structure in the town when viewed from Google Earth.

The day for inauguration came and the choice for Chief Guest naturally fell on the standing legislator from the constituency, the Parliamentary Secretary.

The stage was set and everything was in place to receive the Chief Guest. The EAC was there and all the government department heads were in station. Town Adhoc Council and all the NGOs were represented; many of them having put on traditional waist coats. The town Pastor had taken his seat to pronounce the opening prayer.

The Chief Guest arrived with his police escort and convoy of core party workers of the area. And with his arrival, the program started right away. After the usual items and niceties of profusely thanking the Chief Guest for bringing development to the town, a song by the LP school children and stuff; the turn of the Chief Guest to deliver his speech came.

The Chief Guest spoke on the importance of keeping one’s body fit and suggested that through sports, even peace can be brokered between warring communities. It went well until all hell broke loose when he offered an ostentatious but rather innocent donation. It was a hot day and he had sensed the discomfort of people who had gathered in this indoor stadium. And he might have thought that his offer would bring relief to the sports persons who will be running and puffing in here. So, here was what he offered. He raised his chest and said, ‘I will donate ceiling fans for this stadium’. If only the honorable chief guest had known a thing or two about the game of badminton. But it was too late. The words had been spoken. And as I said, all hell broke loose. The GB who was dozing off was woken up by the riot of laughter all around him.


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