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Sometimes it just doesn’t happen

(A poem of consolation for those who tried)
I may make the right moves
Speak the timeliest words
And present myself in the best way I can
But I cannot make you want me
I know Sometimes it just doesn’t happen
JNU, 2008

cousin cousin

He is my cousin
She is my cousin
My cousin called up
I stayed over at my cousin's place
I went to the movies with my cousin
I went shopping with my cousin
Yaar, we're just cousins JNU, 2008

anjaan aadmi se dosti nakare

‘Do not befriend any unknown person’, the Delhi Metro dutifully announces. What is this? My parents taught me to talk to every one in the village. If I don’t, I’m rude. Everyone talks to everybody whether you know them personally or not, “How are you?” “What curry did you have this morning?” “Are you going to the paddy field today?” That culture is slowly vanishing in my village. It’s impossible to practice that culture in big towns or cities. Try it and I’m sure you’ll simply pass out! 
The point here is that the world is increasingly becoming impersonal. I’m not trying to give a long speech on the importance of personal relationships, the effect of the cyber world etc. but share an experience. A friend invited me to watch a movie at the Select City Walk, arguably the biggest and one of the most happening malls in Delhi. He did not tell me the name of the movie or who else is coming with us, he is like that. I reached early and waited for sometime, and then he came with some friends…

So few memories

We met suddenly
We parted quickly
Leaving me with memories:
Enough to stir my mind
Not enough to fall in love
You are very alive in me,
but why am I starting to forget how you look like?
Why do we love to revise those few memories over and over
and never grow tired of them? JNU, 2008


After the church, people shook hands with her. “That was a very nice song and you sang so well”. Sure the song was meaningful and she put up a good show of emotions. But Oh! I know what she does on the week days. Please mercy me, somehow I am not blessed. RIMS, Imphal 2004

I’ve found love

When I think I’m strong enough  I go about living on my own  ‘ntil I couldn’t take it anymore  Then I turn back to you  Why haven’t you moved?  Why are you still here?  Why are you so fond of me?  Alleluia, I’ve found love 
RIMS,Imphal, 2005

Sometimes people get lonely

It’s 8.15pm Saturday night I look up for a sign  There’s no moon tonight  No shooting star to wish by  Dark clouds are gathering  There will be rain tonight  Some heart will break tonight 
RIMS, Imphal, 2005

A Prayer

No own desire to thee I bring  All to do thy will I come  No shore amid the storm I see  Whose heard will faint when you're aboard? 
 RIMS, Imphal, 2004

My room

A lone cloth clipper hangs on the rope alongside three towels overlapping. The two alarm clocks tick in succession as the wind brings some Indian music played far away outside the campus. On the almirah door facing me, Mickey Mouse waves happily; he has a bun on his other hand. Count two points, the ball is inside the basket, someone has scored. The saffron ventilator curtain looks old; it must have been there years before I came to this room. The ceiling fan is on a long winter break as the heater takes over to keep the room at the right temperature. The creeper has gone round its pot thrice and the gulmohor leaves have gone to sleep- after all, its 9: 35 pm already. The dusty red roses stare at the life-size mirror. They must be wondering why the owner does not clean them up. Maybe the owner does not need red roses or he is scared of them.
RIMS, Imphal, 2005

Christmas 2004

No sight or smell of Christmas  No sound of Christmas music  Just disco drums of boozers  As I spend my Christmas  Far away from home 
Too busy to think of Bethlehem  The three wise men or the shepherds  With my nose between my book  As I spend my Christmas  Far away from home RIMS, 
Imphal, 2004

An email to a friend


Who says we don't have it?

The local expert in this saloon is a cousin and my school teacher. I remember he taught maths when I was in third standard. One day, we were asked to recite time table of 5 and those who succeeded were allowed to go home. I was making good progress 5X1=5, 5X2=10... until I fumbled at 5X9=__ and was detained. He took pity knowing I almost made it and allowed me a second chance. During class, he would ask me to go to the shop and buy paan for him. He is also a very good painter Iconic hair cutting saloon of Pfutsero, Nagaland. 
Naga version of the saloon in the western cowboy novels. Who says we don't have it?

A fresh understanding of Hebrews 11

(DBF Central Pastor Jeremy Dawson in the recently concluded EMFI (Evangelical Medical Fellowship of India) conference gave 6 definitions of ministering by faith. Hebrews 11) 
1. Believing when I don't see it (Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. V1) 
2. Obeying when I don't understand it (By faith Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance, obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going. V8 
3. Giving when I don't have it (By faith Abel offered God a better sacrifice than Cain did..V4) 
4. Persisting when I don't feel like it (By faith he left Egypt, not fearing the king's anger; he persevered because he saw him who is invisible. V27) 
5. Thanking God before I receive it (Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Mk. 11 34) 
6. Trusting even if I don't get it (Some faced jeers and flogging..were sawed in …


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