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A very simple life story


On abortion in Nagaland

She breathed a sigh of relief. She said to herself, "Now that I have finally got rid of the problem, I will forget and leave behind whatever has happened and start a new life. And yes, I will be careful in the future. But well, no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. It’s is not a big deal. But as she lies down to sleep that night, it all came back:
Flashes of light, the nurse standing by her side, and the doctor scraping out the content of her womb.
"I made the right decision, it could have been worse", she reassured herself. Her parents have made it very clear what will happen to her reputation and family’s prestige if she will not do it. They have been a tower of strength and support and even accompanied her to the clinic.
The next day, and from then on, nobody in the family mentions a word about it anymore. Everybody has moved on and so has she; well, in a big way externally, though deep inside, life has never been the same; something’s not quite right. When s…


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