Sunday, February 16, 2014

A memorable day

It was on 24th December, 2013 when my dad and I took 7 sisters and one small boy to Tsazu mountain for outing. The youngest of the sisters is in class 1 (?) while the eldest is in higher secondary school. The 6 sisters (because the eldest stays in Kohima for studies) live with their mother just in front of our house in the village. Dad is very friendly with the girls. He has been teasing them throughout the year of finding the root of a tree up there in the mountain. The tree is called ‘süthi’ and its root is hot and sweet, and has a good aroma. He has built interest in the minds of the young girls. Dad’s incessant stories of finding that special root in the mountain turned that interest into craving in the young minds. They would ask when dad is going to take them there. But it is a long way from the village and the craving remained only a craving; and the mountain became a sort of Yarrow Unvisited for the girls. 

So, when I came home for Christmas; we made a plan to go up in my vehicle. Everyone was excited. A small boy who is a cousin to the girls came along. Mom packed our refreshment. We had a Christmas cake, biscuits, and a big flask of tea. On the way, we bought sweets. Each one carried a bag to carry the ‘süthi’ and a small bottle of drinking water. The young girls are all so disciplined. The youngest girl was a natural joker and we laughed as we drove up the mountain. We parked and walked. It was a long walk and we reached the spot. We dug and got plenty of what we came for. Finally, the craving has been satisfied. We walked up the highest point of the mountain where we have a good view in all the directions. Many of the girls had their first view of Pfutsero town from there. We had our refreshment and a good dose of laughter. On our way down, we collected pumpkins and wild vegetables. 

To sum up the day, the eldest of the sisters remarked to my dad, ‘we will remember this day until we die’.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Doing good unaware

Those mornings when a sense of good health outweighs laziness, I take a morning walk along the New Secretariat road, Kohima. I have observed that there is a short stretch of the road which is swept clean every morning. Every time I take a walk, there is a domestic helper who is out with her broom sweeping that stretch of about 30 feet. She is dark and is certainly a non-local. She must be around 10 years old. I have never spoken to her. But I would admire her work every time and think of this: She may not know that sweeping the roadside clean is a spiritual activity. But I think she is doing a very blessed job. That small area that she is keeping clean every morning I’m sure blesses the heart of God. Good things that some people are doing unaware.