Thursday, November 20, 2014


Marriage. New job.
Those are the two big things I have been experiencing. Book release will not be far away. 

Life can be repetitive. We do the same things and let the days, weeks, months, and years pass us by.

Change can be frightening, like getting married. When life has slipped into a routine, we do not want it to be disturbed. But on going through the change, we discover that life has more to offer than what we have at present. 

Without Change, we can become complacent and stop to grow. There are things in life which we do not want to change, and we do not want to let go, like childhood memories. But time and aging are things which we can't control.

Even if we do not have big things coming our way, like marriage or a new job, we can decide to grow/change. We can set targets and goals to achieve. For example, we have about 40 days left before the year 2014 ends. We can set a target to read 2 books before New Year. Or visit an old relative in the village who we have not met in years.