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My prayer for 2012

Give me discernment To know the truth from the lie Grant me the words and the boldness To speak out the truth in love
Give me diligence To do what I must I don’t want to waste my time Chasing after what will not last
Give me rest A heart that is calm In the midst of every turbulence A quiet mind that finds peace in you
Give me empathy To feel the pain of others And complain less about my discomforts Let me feel your heart beat
Give me hope That all is not lost That the world still has a future Because you are Lord of all creation

On Too Much Money

Wealth in itself is not a sin while greed is. The Bible says that the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, but it does not say money per se is the root.
But what about ‘too much’ wealth? In that case, will possession of wealth in itself be wrong?
What if such wealth is gained by fair means? Does that justify the possession of huge amount of wealth?
I say, when we look at it ‘relationally’, possession of too much money even if by fair means ‘can’ be a sin. If we build ourselves palaces to live in when we are surrounded by thousands who live in slums, it’s very difficult to claim that we have love.
I’m not against prosperity. God wants his creation to prosper. But prosperity has to be inclusive. Jesus commanded us to love our neighbor as ourselves. We need to think deeply what that command entails, involves, includes, contains, implies, intends, signifies; ...i.e. to love our neighbor just the way we love and take care of ourselves.
Maybe we have not understood the width and the…


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