Obsession of being on time

 I am at the passport office Dimapur and came here too soon. The gate is still closed and I am parked outside waiting. I realized that I have this window period to blog.

Arriving early has been a problem for me. I do get late when there are external factors like unusually heavy traffic, or waiting for other people. But in a given normal circumstance, I am usually ahead of schedule. I think I learned this from my aunty who is a little extreme in this front.
In Pfutsero, when we were going to travel by bus or taxi, she would get up so early, prepare tea, and wake up everyone. We would go to the station with a torch light and wait there in the middle of the town, with no sign of life. Then some people will start coming.

The habit had set in so that when I am going to travel early the next day, I couldn’t sleep fearing that I might miss the bus/taxi.

So, today have appointment at passport seva kandra at 9:15 am. I set my alarm at 5: 00 am and started from Kohima at 5:30 am, fearing if I will suffer from tyre puncture or meet army convoy on the way. I reached the office before 8: 00 am. I went back towards town to a plant nursery and bought 3 maple saplings and came back, always looking at the time. I reached at 9:00 am. It is now 9:46 and blood suckers haven’t still come and opened the gate.    


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