A special program, ‘Only Love: A Nite to Remember was held on 6th June, 2009 at the CBCC dinning hall. Here is a brief report of the event. The event was the brain child of the young and talented Allegros of the CMCC CYE who also hosted the evening to perfection. Allegro member Rhelo opened the evening by expounding the theme, agape love that binds us as brothers and sisters in Christ. He also introduced the other distinguished Allegro members: a retired headmaster and present director of NSACS (Veyo), architect of Porba Hotel and the forsaken bridge near Sidzu River (Khoto), chief of MRF and bakery expert (Kuvehu), Sexologist (Pavi), Purachoka ex-MLA (Ciikhoyi), and a Class-D contractor (Nuvoto). Atho and Pute were sorely missed as they were out of station. All the items were special and unique that it is difficult to pick out any outstanding one. Some of them are ‘As you like it’ (Ale), ‘How do I feel’ (Vesehu), ‘Yo mama!’ (Yeve), the ring-roti vs. the dollar-shaped-cookies debate (Jesse and others), ‘Life process park khree’ (Sao), ‘Ffuture Plum’ (Dzuvelu and Zawe), ‘Before and after’ (Youth director), ‘Hoe r ya? Long time no see’ (Adovo), ‘Gidemi airport:namurile kihobo?’ (Tandu) About 50 turned up. The youth director had served in the same capacity years back with another batch. He shared his past experience and compared the previous batch with the present. He said the present youth members though young are more intelligent, creative and has huge potential. He encouraged them to take the right path make use of this energy and talent for God’s glory. Allegros-customized certificates and prizes were handed out to the winners of the debate and other special games which were played throughout the program. The last item Gidemi airport was a fitting conclusion as Tandu described his great home city. He said Gidemi is so huge that you have to go by flight if you want to roam the great city. The event lived up to its name; it was a night that will be remembered….when one day; we walk down the memory lane.



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