Delhi Autowallas and hospitality during the Common Wealth Games

I don't know how Delhi's going to teach good manners to her autowallas and citizens before the Common Wealth Games next year. The construction works are very late and are being hurried in preparation for the games and we've seen the consequences. But besides a news item in Times of India, nothing has been done to teach Delhites in hospitality. Delhites' volatile temperament ('short fuse') is well known and a petty roadside quarrel can cost peoples' lives. Lane driving is nil and every driver fights for each square feet in a jam. Bikes climb over footpaths and blue line buses race against each other, sometimes stretching their length across the road to prevent rivals from overtaking. Good manners are not necessarily learnt in college textbooks. We see people throwing banana peels, chips packet covers and paper cups out of SUVs. Some just stop their car and get out to pee damn wherever. Barricades are built and personnel commissioned just to make people line up in metro stations. It reminds me of primary school kids in the morning assembly or PT class. I don't know in my initial years, how many times I've been taken for a ride by the auto drivers. 'Taken for a ride' in the sense of being cheated. They must be looking forward to the firangis during the CWG. It will be a hell of a money spinning season. To be continued.............



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