Looking for Naga health enthusiasts

I am looking for people (anyone but not everyone) who have concern for the state of Health in Nagaland; people who may not have background knowledge but are interested to learn, explore, and discuss. Physical suffering is a universal experience and health care is too important to be left to doctors and nurses. Medical Science is just one component of Health. Medical jargons should not put you off for there’s so much in Health beyond biology. Health is a political, economic, and social issue. Good health is a perquisite for the progress of any society. From your discipline, be it Sociology, Economics, History, Psychology, Anthropology, Political Science, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Biochemistry, etc. you can make meaningful contributions to improve health in our society. There is a need to gather health-related knowledge resources into a common think tank. Then armed with evidences, goals to achieve, and steps to achieve those goals all set; health activism in Nagaland shall rise.



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