A trip remembered: Kizari

In this month 2 years ago, my wife and I - then a newly married couple – took a trip to Kizari village to attend Mission Week program.
We knew the road till Lanye river beyond which we have not been. We took a turn from the highway and started on a small road which could easily end in someone’s paddy field. Therefore, it was such a relief to see this sign board which says ‘Way to Tizu Bridge, Tuzatse’. ‘Take the kaccha road just after the stone crusher. But as you reach a junction, don’t go all the way up to Lozaphuhu village, take the turn which leads to the Tizu River’ we were advised. 


We reached a good stretch and along a bend, we stopped to take rest. As we looked back, this (photo) was the road we came from. I thought we would come back through this road, but that was not to be due to some unforeseen event which was to unfold. I wonder if we would cross this path again. But we will never do so again in the same state. Over two years of marriage and how things have changed. We were so free then. 


As we looked down from the resting point, we can see the Lanye valley from where we came up. On our way back, we crossed the valley again, but from below and not from up here.


We spotted a lot of birds on the way. Spot the bird in the photo. We were ready to shoot anything in this adventurous journey.


Down we went and reached the spot which the sign board pointed to. ‘After crossing the bridge, you will go up and reach Tuzatse junction. Don’t go to the village, turn left and you will reach Kizari’ we were informed.


Around the spot where we got lost, we met this big bird (if you can see it). There was a sharp turn to the left and we took it for a while. But we sensed that it wasn’t just right. There was no soul to ask and mobile signal is out of the question.

Fortunately, abandoning the left turn was a good decision and we reached a junction with another sign board pointing towards our destination. So, we took it now sure that we were in the right path. The number of hours spent driving in the unknown, sometimes going through roads where leaves and grasses from both sides touch the car windshield, takes a toll on your well-being. And we stopped by this wild fig tree for another rest.


Finally. Kizari. 

We were in for a big surprise when we came to find out that no one in the village was expecting us. The notification clearly said that I was assigned Kizari for CMS Mission Week. And it is tradition that they get guest speaker during the weekend. But the Pastor had understood from some source that no one was coming that year, and he went to the field. I had a phone number but I came to experience that my phone was useless here.

It was Saturday late afternoon when we arrived. Evening soon arrived and I spoke in the youth service. We were put in the church guest house and could hear youths pounding sticky rice into the night to prepare breakfast for us the next morning.


On Sunday morning, we took a tour of the village. I spoke in the church again. It was amusing to see this woman singing special song with a child on her back.


We could hear the river flowing below as we sleep and outside the window were these beautiful orchids.

In the afternoon after the church service, we decided to take a break and go down to the river below the village. 


Mothers day and CYE Social Day Silver Jubilee monoliths can be seen adorning the church premises. The believers here are planning to construct a new church building and the women department is taking the lead in generating funds for it.


It is interesting to note that from this PA system, everyone in the village can hear the information being passed. 


The church bell is most amusing when we think of what it stood for and what it does now. It is a bomb shell, now used to call people to come and worship the One who would turn the other cheek (rotate head to view)


No ordinary pigs. They are a sure sign that you are in a traditional Naga village.  

On Sunday evening, I preached, for the 3rd time in 2 days.

The next morning, as we started to load our bags, including the orchids which we received from the women folks; we found a flat tyre. We had no option but to take the risk of driving to Meluri without a spare tyre. There will be no mobile connection on the way and the road will be a new one. ‘From Tuzatse, don’t take the same road. Go towards the village (Tuzatse) and go straight’, we were told.

The Lord of the majestic mountains watched over us on our way back. We collected a beautiful vine which we still call ‘Kizari plant’ to remember the journey. And as I write this, the gift orchids are in bloom.


We managed to reach Meluri and buy a new bladder and fill it with air. We crossed through the river Tizu again, but through another bridge, the so-called ‘Akash bridge’.

When we reached Pfutsero, what a pleasure it was to find Choli my niece who then had a liking for wearing nail cutter earrings.  

Us at Kizari church guest house.  April 12th, 2015


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