Ok, so you are a regular government employee and your job is so secure. You have been working in the same job for over a decade and you know your job well. 

A visitor comes for some work and he is confused which room to go to, or how to process his request. He asks you questions.

You meet such people everyday in the workplace. Sure, some people won't get you at first and will ask the same question again. Some questions will sound silly. 

It feels nervous for anyone to go to a new place. Some people are worse in sense of direction and may need extra help. Some will have problem understanding the words, terms and abbreviations used in the office, which would be easy to employees. 

Some would have travelled from far-off places to meet you. Some wouldn't be that educated and are already nervous before stepping into the office. 

My sincere request is: please let us be polite to people who come for help in our workplace. Of course, this doesn't apply to regular employees only. We need lots and lots of politeness in our workplaces. 

I go to an office where I have no known 'connection'. Then I meet an employee there who is polite. How nice the feeling is. Then I have people in my workplace who are rude, not only to visitors but even to own colleagues like me. The fact that I am not a so-called 'regular' government employee is sometimes a factor for this, which is funny. Yes it is true, 'he is a contractual only'. 

Then we hear these stories about hospital staffs who are always scolding patients. When someone is sick, he and his family are not their normal selves and they are probably at their worst. Hospitals should be places of healing and understanding, where politeness of staffs should also be a part of the treatment. 

Sometimes, I am not polite in my driving although I try to be. Then I meet some drivers who would stop and wait for me while I reverse out of the parking lot. He is driving a good car and my car is ugly. He doesn't know me and he is not aiming for my parking spot. He just wants to help me to come out of the parking lot. It makes me feel nice that there are such people in the world



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