More blogging in 2014

I expect to blog more regularly in 2014. So, you can expect to see new posts more frequently this year. I’ve said this earlier but I was not able to carry out myself: that one should not try to write big stuffs all the time. It need not be a thoroughly researched and carefully thought article that one tries to write each time. If one tries that, one won’t survive for long in blogging. 

So, I’m going to write about things and thoughts which I encounter every day. Every day ordinary stuffs are beautiful. And I would appeal to the heart to appreciate that beauty that we can find in the ordinary, that we often take for granted. It is about being observant, being alive to the times and the surroundings, being appreciative, but also being critical sometimes.

I want us to live more reflectively. I want us to live with more hope. And I believe that people can change for the better. If we care, if we speak up, and if we act on what we believe; I believe people and our society can change. That change will not come in a day. But if we live rightly and can impact a few people, we will have done our part which will ultimately result in ground breaking large scale societal and systemic changes that we long for.

We know many things are not quite right and we feel it is beyond our personal capacity to make certain things right. The whole is more than the sum of the parts, and whole system needs sweeping changes. But such momentous sweeping changes do have foundations in smaller individual efforts. Whichever part we are called to play, we all are called to do something. If yours is to take the bull by the horn, that’s great. Even if you are not playing the central role, you are called to do your best.

In my own small way, I will continue blogging.



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